Parrot AR Drone 1.0 vs. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 comparison

Comparison of the Parrot AR Drone 1.0 to 2.0 in detail

Who likes handled with model airplanes would take aerial photographs of the city, or just know time, what would the neighbors behind the garden fence so powerful, for the Parrot AR Drone is just right. With the Parrot AR Drone is a futuristic-looking aircraft that is equipped with cameras, and is controlled via the iPod touch, the iPad, iPhone or smartphone with Androidbetriebssystem. Meanwhile, the version 2 of Parrot AR Drone is out. What’s new in comparison to the first version is, we learn in the following lines.

More power and new engine for better flight control and quieter flight.

The engines have been redesigned in version 2. While in version 1 of the four engines drone was equipped with 15 watts, the Version 2 now has 4 engines, the 14.5 and 28.5 watts in flight put the hover available. Due to the higher power in hover the drone can hover at a safe place. The drives of the motors have been redesigned so that now noiseless propeller gearbox with damping means are used. This allows the drone to be flown almost unnoticed.

The Drone is very stable, yet lightweight.

Not utilize the technology has been revised, but also the materials from which the drone is produced, are now all designed for extreme loads. So the drone now has fiber-reinforced plastic parts and carbon fiber tubes to the lowest possible weight for the indoor and outdoor operations to reach. Through the foam covering of the central part of the vibration motors are damped. Furthermore, the ultrasonic sensors are coated with a moisture-repellent nano avoid disruption of the connection to control the oven.

AR Drone 2.0 AR Drone 1.0
more stable id air good entry level model
2 cameras – one HD
2 cameras VGA(640*480)
Live picture in HD and liquid (30 fps) Live picture unfortunately choppy
integrated 3D compass
improved height sensor flies intrinsically stable thanks Gyros
Pressure sensor for altitude Ultrasonic level sensor
Brushless motors (same as 1.0) Brushless motors
Range: 50 meters Range: 50 meters
Range:30 meters (High) Range:6 meters (High)
$ 299.00

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